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This statement describes how we deal with information collected from www.youngproperties.co.uk

Information you enter onto the Website (such your name, email address and telephone number) is stored by us. We use this information for purposes such as responding to your requests as well as improving the Website.

From time to time we may use this data to inform customers about special promotions which we believe may be of interest. Such promotions contain an option to unsubscribe from any future marketing activities.

We will never pass your details to anyone else without asking you first.

We collate statistics about site traffic and other commercial information but these statistics do not include any information which can identify you personally.

In dealing with personal information we adhere to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act, in that we:

  • Deal with personal information fairly and lawfully
  • Only use it for the purposes necessary to run the business and set out in this policy
  • Only collect the information that is required to run the business and set out in this policy
  • Endeavour to ensure that personal information is accurate and kept up to date
  • Destroy personal information that is no longer required
  • Recognise the rights of data subjects
  • Keep personal information secure
  • Do not transfer personal information to other countries